System Freezing

  over40plus 17:27 20 Jan 2010

Once again i am having problems i am not very tec minded but open to any help. Loaded my brother in laws desktop with XP all seems ok but as soon as we go on the Internet with a USB netgear adapter it Freezes every time no problems when i remove USB not closer enough to Router to test ethernet but we get a connection no problem then the system freezes and have to reboot.

I thank you in anticipation

  User-1229748 17:50 20 Jan 2010

try another browser or try running internet explorer with no add ons from the start - programs - accessories - system tools

  User-1229748 18:00 20 Jan 2010

you could also start up in safe mode with networking and see if it still get to safe mode you normally have to tap f8 as soon as you turn your pc on.

  over40plus 09:03 21 Jan 2010

Tried it in safe mode it still freezes as soon as I use my USB wireless adapter do you think it cold be a conflict>

  ^wave^ 09:06 21 Jan 2010

this could well be a driver issue what i would do is get the router close enough to use a cal connection if that works thn look at the drivers fo the usb stick

  over40plus 10:10 25 Jan 2010

I have decided perhaps the best thing to do is start again with the ethernet cable and see if the Router is set up right now for my question perhaps abit stupid to you tech people but not to me
1 do I have to use the CD for the Router

2 Do i have to have the USB adapter in the Slot

3 Or will the cable help find the Router

4 at the moment when i type the 192.168 etc into my browder nothing happens is this because I can't get on the Internet or is it because it has not found the Router

Thank you for your patience with me but I really want to do this with your help of course

  ^wave^ 11:56 27 Jan 2010

plug in the cable to the router type its ip addy and it should see it if all is well if not go to network connections and check what it is setup up for it should be set for obtain address automayically

  over40plus 16:49 27 Jan 2010

Getting on Net but system freezes and I have to reboot when I use ethernet cable no problems, but as soon as I plug the USB adapter in it Freezes.

Updated all drivers so I really do not know what next.
Thank you for your help

  User-312386 17:03 27 Jan 2010

have you installed the chipset drivers and graphics drivers if applicable?

  ^wave^ 08:49 28 Jan 2010

are letting windows manage the wirless connection or is it a netgear program

  ^wave^ 08:49 28 Jan 2010

are letting windows manage the wirless connection or is it a netgear program

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