System freezes when accessing particular folder

  Bailey08787 13:52 22 Feb 2007


I have a folder on my hard drive that contains about 60gb of avi. clips.

For the last few weeks, whenever I try to access this folder, my system totally freezes (and stays that way until I reset).

I've tried starting XP in safe mode, but to no avail.

I've also tried running a virus scan on the folder, but that also resulted in freezing.

When I open the folder and it begins to list the avi. files, is gets to about the fifth/sixth file and then freezes.

Any ideas on a solution?

(I do not want to lose these avi. files)


  Bailey08787 16:48 22 Feb 2007

AMD 64 3500+
6600GT graphics card
1.5gb ram

  Bailey08787 12:25 23 Feb 2007

er, bump

  Bailey08787 14:38 23 Feb 2007

If only I had the ability to try such a manouevre. When ever I click into the folder, it freezes the whole system. So no opportunity to start moving files around.

The only thing I could try would be to copy and paste the folder on to another drive - but I don't have 60gb spare on another drive.

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