System Freezes?

  Dai A Bolical 12:36 23 Jun 2003

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

I hava a P3 500mHz with 512Mb Ram and two 40Gb HDD
Running WinXP Home. In the last few days I have had a problem with the OS Freezing, no mouse, Keyboard or CTRL/ALT/DEL response. At first this would happen almost straight away and on reset it will freeze solid on the XP load-up screen.

Once I leave the PC for a while (4-6hrs) it will reboot normally, and if I switch off as many running processes as possible it will run OK for 2-3 hours before becoming jerky and then freezing completely again. The PSU Fan appears to be running but I don't know about the CPU Fan.

Normally the processor runs at pretty much 100% as I run [email protected] in the background so I am assuming it is either the processor or it's fan/heatsink that is the problem.

Would this behavior be seen if that were the case?

  Dai A Bolical 11:11 09 Jul 2003

Thanks horiz5, I didn't strip it completely but I have added a new PSU and CPU, both of which are faster/more powerful and yet quieter.

The problem was the 56K PCI software modem, after uninstallimg drivers and pulling the card everything works fine.

I am replacing it with a cheap hardware modem whilst I wait for Broadband to hit my area in august!

Again many Thanks.

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