System file missing

  midian 12:50 14 Jun 2007

My dads pc has had a message appear while booting up that a system file is missing. This is after the POST screen and nothing happens while this message is on the screen. He has formatted and installed XP and it did the same thing a few days later. He says he has not deleted ANY files that he is aware of. The disk appears to be ok, no bad sectors or any other problems, does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

  A-Nonymous 12:52 14 Jun 2007

It may be a drive failure. The bad sectors may not prove it. Have you tried putting the hard disk in another computer to see what happens?

  midian 10:17 15 Jun 2007

Dads pc is the only one available in the house, im using a laptop here. He has since installed xp on his 2nd drive and its working ok so far...

He has also had problems with his psu, the original one in his pc just stopped a few days ago too, tried our spare one and that did the same thing but he noticed it was not plugged in correctly to the motherboard. I might be adding 2+2 together and getting 5 here but could that have caused the error on with the disk drive?

  Andy1991 11:15 15 Jun 2007

the failing PCU may be the cause of the failing hard drive. The PSU may have experienced or not compressed a power Spike that may have damaged some hard ware on your computer. I would get it thoroughly checked out for hardware errors. or scan the whole computer using shardware software like PC Doctor 5 for Windows.

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