System File Checker, setupx.dll file (Help Please)

  Caballero_7 15:00 02 Feb 2004


I recently ran the System File Checker program because Explorer constantly crashes on my PC and it is getting very annoying. Anyway, when i ran the program it said that my setupx.dll file was maybe corrupted. It said i can restore it from my Windows 98 2nd Edition disk which i had in my D: drive. I am unsure whether to restore the file incase i lose everything on my PC. Does anyone know if i will lose anything or is it safe to do?


  Diodorus Siculus 15:13 02 Feb 2004

click here to download the dll.

It is also possible to extract the file from your CD if you want - try the above option first though.

  ©®@$? 15:33 02 Feb 2004

its a bug in windows 98,it always shows that setupx.dll as missing/corrupt..even if you restore it, it wil still come up again as missing/corrupt

does that on most computers with windows 98

i doubt that it is related to your problem

  Caballero_7 19:16 02 Feb 2004

Cheers for the info. Do you know what causes Explorer to crash constantly?

  ©®@$? 19:25 02 Feb 2004

it could be a number of things, but the easiest way to find out what it is, is copy the whole error message down and post it here, or do a search on google for the error message!

has the problem started recently,if so what have you installed at the time/or start of when this problem happened!

  Caballero_7 19:30 02 Feb 2004

I dont get any error messages, Explorer just freezes, then it takes a few mins for the box to appear saying that it isn't responding. I then lose most icons in my taskbar. I really want to sort this as it is doing my head in. It happens every day.

  ©®@$? 19:38 02 Feb 2004

that makes it harder to pin point the problem

what are you doing when this happens..

have you got any anvitvirus software installed and upto date

did this problem start after you installed any hardware or software, try and think back!

have you done sfc, and gone through the whole lot to see if any other files are missing/corrupt

  R4 19:44 02 Feb 2004

I must have something wrong with my WIN98 SE as I have never had setupx.dll as missing/corrupt report when using SFC.

Hi Caballero_7..... You could try a reinstall of the win98 on top of your old one, , , you would not lose any info but some of the basic settings would return to the default settings.

  Caballero_7 19:47 02 Feb 2004

It usually happens when im on the Internet. I will go and open another window and it will freeze. I have Norton System Works 2003 installed and i always run live update when needed. I also have Adaware and Spybot installed aswell and run them regularly. When i ran SFC, i just closed it when it appeared at the setupx.dll file, not sure if there are any more corrupted files. I'm not wanting to reinstall Windows 98 2nd Edition again. I had to get my PC sent away last year to get fixed.

  ©®@$? 20:40 02 Feb 2004

on sfc when it comes up with that setupx.dll ignore and carry on see any others show up.


no,you probably have the current verification table that SFC uses


click here

  Wak 21:06 02 Feb 2004

Hi, Have you tried to repair Internet Explorer??
Go to Start/ Programs/ Accessories/ System Tools/ System information/ Tools and then click on "Internet Explorer Repair Tool".

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