system file checker; how to programme

  df118 09:24 08 Mar 2004

apart from typing in each individual file type ( eg .exe , .dll etc), is there a way of telling the sfc to check EVERY type of file so that the enire system IS checked, or do I HAVE to manually type in every file there is to get sfc to do it; have looked and cannot seee anything as yet to get around it......

  Jester2K 09:26 08 Mar 2004

What version of Windows?

  df118 09:35 08 Mar 2004

windows 98 2nd ed; what I want to do is check the entire system properly, and restore where necessary,but how apart from laboriously typing in all the files........

  Stuartli 09:38 08 Mar 2004

If you have XP, enter System File Checker (sfc) in the Help and Support's index - you will get a list of the command lines including automatic replacement of missing/overwritten/corrupted files.

Earlier versions of Windows (I had 98 and 98SE) only needed SFC to be run to find missing or corrupted files.

  Stuartli 09:41 08 Mar 2004

What makes you think that you need to check the entire system "properly and restore where necessary"?

  df118 09:54 08 Mar 2004

sfc only seems to look for the files you tell it to look for and not the whole lot ; am on win 98;I want sfc to find the " mising or corrupted files" so that I can correct them ; am TRYING to completely " clean" this sytem after the problems it has been through; if I do NOT check it, how do I KNOW that it iS clean????
so, how do I get sfc to check all files.....without manually typing them in.....

  Jester2K 09:56 08 Mar 2004

When you run SFC do you not get a choice of Replace a file and Scan For Altered Files? Like click here

  df118 10:10 08 Mar 2004

yes, Jester 2K, THAT "choise" is there, but go BACK to the beginning ;open sfc; click settings/search criteria; I ahve not found a tab that allows me to " select all types of files to include in search";; I have looked on my computer system for the names of files (plenty!!); how, apart from typing in each one, can I ask my computer to check all types???is this perhaps not available ON win 98??? which means i have to do it manually.......?????

  Jester2K 10:12 08 Mar 2004

What types do you want to add? SFC checks all System Files.

  johnnyrocker 10:16 08 Mar 2004

silly question maybe, i take it you have the full disk?


  df118 10:19 08 Mar 2004

are we talking at "cross purposes" here??does it only chech Windows Systems per se, and not the entire "registry" so to speak, ie ALL files and folders types on the computer....
???is there another programme I need from Windows site that WILL check the entire system of the computer for faulty files and folders etc????
I actually want everything checked to make sure it IS RIGHT ; hense running restore what is corrupt or faulty.....

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