System FAN?

  duplo 18:11 24 Jan 2003

Would a System fan reduce my CPU temp to a worthwhile degree? I am not sure if I need one to take air in or out...

I assume the PSU suchs air in but would that air not be warm already from cooling the PSU unit itself?

Could I fit some fans into the spare bays at the font of my case, and one at the back to liturally suck air through my machine?

DO you know where I could get such things?

Currently running at 50C to 55C under heavy load which is quite often.

My PC is near a window which is almost always open, even in winter the ambient air is quite cool.

  duplo 18:20 24 Jan 2003

Papst 8412 NGL 80mm fan (4 pin) (FG-003-PA)

Sintec Sleave Bearing for ultra-quiet operation
CFM = 19.4cfm
RPM = 1500
dBA = 12
Dimensions = 80x80x25


GlobalWin King Kong (SY-001-GL)
"Designed to fit inside a 5.25" Drive Bay, the King Kong has three 40mm fans moving a total of 14.7CFM. Each fan is daisy-chained with an extra pass-through power cable."

from //click here

Would this do the Job? They have more powerful rear fans but more noise!?

  jediknight007 18:20 24 Jan 2003

Are you sure that it's safe to place your PC near a window which is almost always open? What happens if it immediately starts raining?

Well, my case fan doesn't seem to reduce my PC temperature by much, only a few C but I still attach it to the PSU anyways just incase something might happen. My PC is a bit louder though.

  AMD_MAN23 18:22 24 Jan 2003

the Psu will usually be blowing out and for affectivness you will need a fan at the front of the case sucking in and a fan at the back of the case (near the cpu) blowing out, this causes the air to flow.


  Djohn 18:23 24 Jan 2003

duplo, PSU blows air out at rear, and 55c is ok.

You can add fans to the front, (Pull air in) and to the rear, (Blow air out).

But unless you are having problems with the cooling of your system, I would leave them off.

Any small PC shop or PC World etc. will stock these fans. If you do decide to buy some, make sure you ask for the correct one's. One for the front, and one for the rear.

  duplo 18:35 24 Jan 2003


My PC is safe near the window as the windows open up and no matter how hard it rains no water gets in... also when I say next there is a good foot and a half gap!

I think I will get the fans, if I can keep it nearer 50 under load I would feel happier although I know 55 is more than fine!


  Djohn 18:39 24 Jan 2003

duplo, As you are going for the fans, place the front one down low, and the rear one high, next to the PSU, (Should already be a grill there).

Grill for front fan is usually behind a metal plate which you will see when you open the case.

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