System does a temp freeze for a second then ok ???

  Happy1 19:25 29 Aug 2004

Hi there,

Can anybody give me a clue as to what might be wrong please. I have just done a full virus scan with Norton. Nothing found but still doing a short freeze. This has only been happening for a couple of days and thought it might rectify itself.

I use a Samsung V20 Notebook(laptop) Windows XP Professional.

Many thanks,


  Dan the Confused 19:40 29 Aug 2004

Ad-aware click here

Spybot S&D click here

Update and run them, and see if it makes any difference.

  oldal 19:40 29 Aug 2004

When does the "Freeze" occurr ?

  Happy1 19:46 29 Aug 2004

Hi oldal it is happening every few minute or so the arrow freezes on screen. Also as just happened while typing this no letters appear when freeze occurs then all of a sudden the words appear.

Thanks Dan I will have a go at links maybe a spy.


  oldal 19:55 29 Aug 2004

Have you plenty of free space on your C drive ? It is probably a good idea to do a defrag and a scan on your C disk it may be retrying which can cause a delay.

  Happy1 20:04 29 Aug 2004

I will try a scan and defrag. I have only used about a third of C disk. I looked before I asked for help just in case it was that.

I have just typed in on top left of forum the word Freezing and search and notice there are a lot of people with XP and Norton who have or have had a problem. I also looked in add remove programme and notice XP SP2 hotfixes are on does that mean that it has the new SP2 on and that may be the prob. or has it always been on. I never really look at Add Remove.


  Magik ®© 20:25 29 Aug 2004

good grief, i wrote in about the same thing yesterday, that is exactly what mine is i will follow your thread as well... just out of interest, i have run ad-aware and spyblaster, i put SP2 in yesterday and it is the same....

  VoG II 20:29 29 Aug 2004

Hotfixes have been listed as SP2 for months now. Why? is a bit of a mystery.

If you have SP2 you will only see that listed (no Hotfixes) - so you don't have SP2.

  Happy1 20:35 29 Aug 2004

I wonder if you are using Norton AV and Firewall and/or whether you use BT Yahoo Broadband which I use. I am trying to deduce what may be the problem.

I was going to try a system restore going back about 3 days and see if prob. disappears.


  Magik ®© 20:53 29 Aug 2004

i use AVG for the virus stopping, and i use the built in firewall which is in the BT voyager wireless adsl router....i use bt broadband, with IE6 and outlook express. mine has been like it now for a few weeks... :-((

  Happy1 21:00 29 Aug 2004

Mine has only been doing for a couple of days. I updated the BT Yahoo help and it seems to have happened since then. I cannot think of anything else I have done. It is driving me mad. :-((


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