system disk (format)

  TRICKY2 08:58 13 Aug 2003

I've just installed xp home on a new hdd for a friend and i'm trying to format his secondary hdd to use as a spare, but all I get is that the spare hdd cannot be formated as it is a system disk. I've disabled the drive and the computer works fine but when i reanable it , it still refuses to format ( having got 99% the way through).
This spare hdd did once have a copy of xp on it but in desparation in trying different options i've removed it from the boot .ini and even deleted the files from it and even though it shows nothing at all in explorer, it still says there is 1.74gigs used in the properties page. Now i'm running out of options (and hair !).
Any help would be gratefuly received.

  xania 09:50 13 Aug 2003

If all else fails, try using FDISK to remove the partition and then create a new one. To be doubly sure, you may want to reboot between stages. When done, allow the system to re-format your new partition.

Alternatively, if you have a partition management tool (Partition Magic), you can use this to remove and re-create with formatting.

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