System Disc

  Newuser438 18:10 10 Sep 2005

I have just installed a new hard drive on my computer, when I try to load windows I get the message invalid system disc - can some help me get round this/tell me what to do.


  Thalmus 18:14 10 Sep 2005

Thats because there is no o/s on the disk.

Insert your windows Cd and press ctrl+alt+delete

  ACOLYTE 18:23 10 Sep 2005

What does pressing ctlr alt del do? ,you may have to change the boot order in the bios to cd load the os and on first restart chnge the boot order back to hard drive.

  Thalmus 18:25 10 Sep 2005

pressing ctrl+alt+del will restart his computer so it can boot from the cd

  Thalmus 18:25 10 Sep 2005

ps asumming the boot order is correct

  ACOLYTE 18:28 10 Sep 2005

I also assume you mean win 98 because i dont think pressing ctrl alt del restarts win xp.

  Thalmus 18:30 10 Sep 2005

pressing ctrl+al+del will restart the computer if there is no o/s installed

  ACOLYTE 18:33 10 Sep 2005

Not mine it doesnt ))

  Thalmus 18:35 10 Sep 2005

ok, it does on mine. Must depend on bios/motherboard

  ACOLYTE 18:36 10 Sep 2005

But i do have a USB keyboard so maybe thats why,i do remeber 98 retarting with that buttom combo pressed twice but since xp its never worked os installed or not.))

  Thalmus 18:36 10 Sep 2005

ps, sorry to get side tracked newuser438

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