system disabled

  davy 21:26 21 Jan 2004

when computer is booting, it detects ide devices and then stops. it will not boot from floppy i can enter bios setup and set for a: boot but stil just stops after detecting ide. if i press enter a few times a :system disabled: appears on screen. at begining of post i have 1 beep, running award modular v4.51 bios. any help appreciated
[email protected]

  Jester2K 21:29 21 Jan 2004

Welcome to PCA davy.

First of all its not good idea to put your e-mail address on an open forum. You should conduct all conversation here.

Secondly please provide some more information. What version of Windows? How old is the PC? What happened before this started happening?

As much information as possible please.

  davy 21:39 21 Jan 2004

running win 98 ver 1, 32mb mem, cyrix m2 300proc,
09/07/1998-sis5598-w8877 2a51155ec-00

  Jester2K 21:44 21 Jan 2004

Sorry that means what? Is it an error message?

  davy 22:45 21 Jan 2004

no i think its mobo number

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