System dead!

  kingkenny 17:43 23 Sep 2003

Hello all,

I have just installed my new Audigy2 soundcard and speakers. It worked first time with no problems but on a second attempt at booting the system did absolutely nothing. The front panel light was on, as was the mobo light. I removed the card and the system started fine. I then decided to check to see if the card was faulty by disconnecting my DVD rom and installing the card again. The system boots up fine but when I connected the DVD rom back up the system failed to start. I have a A7V333 mobo with 1 HDD, 1 CD/RW, 1 DVD-ROM and my sound card. It seems to be an issue of voltage. Can anyone help me on this matter? Please

I am using a 350W power supply also

  mark500 17:54 23 Sep 2003

Not so sure about voltage. My Spec.


Run by a 350Watt PSU.

  kingkenny 18:18 23 Sep 2003

so any thoughts on why my configuration would be failing to boot up with all components connected?

  Rayuk 18:20 23 Sep 2003

If I remember rightly it is best to have the sound card in pci slot 3, is this where you have it??

  mark500 19:09 23 Sep 2003

Try it without the front breakout box connected to anything. I think you will find it will work.

  kingkenny 00:40 24 Sep 2003

I think that it is PCI slot number 3, but why would this be crucial?

Excuse the ignorance, but what is a front breakout box?

  Kitz E Kat 08:23 24 Sep 2003

A front 'breakout' box is a box that sits in one of the bays on the front of your compter.

It has connectors for Midi, amps, ETC.....

Means you dont have to crawl around the back of your computer with a flashlight and much swearing trying to hook up a cable...

It has much more connectors than a card has,very handy....

Do you have one?
Also i've heard the remote control can cause a bit of mayhem to....

  Bodi 09:30 24 Sep 2003

Just as a matter of interest, is this the RAID version of the A7V333 that you have?

You don't state how your DVD-ROM drive is connected to the system. Primary slave, secondary master, secondary slave?

Might help to know.


  kingkenny 10:40 24 Sep 2003

Thanks for clearing up what a front breakbox was! I have the 6700 series creative speakers connected to my Audigy2 PCI card with no front parts.

My DVD is set as the slave on my secondary IDE channel and I disconnected that on a hunch that it was a power/current thing. It was the drive I was least worried about losing in my test to see what was causing the problem

My Mobo is the non-Raid version. I am running a 350W supply and thought that this would be more than ample for what I am trying to do

  kingkenny 12:30 24 Sep 2003

Can you help Bodi?

  fishmad pete 13:38 24 Sep 2003

Have you tried disconnecting your CD writer and leaving the dvd rom connected?
When disconnecting are you removing the power cord or the data cable or both. It might be worth just removing the data cable first of all. If the system powers up(drives won't be recognised ) then chances are its not a power issue but a conflict of some sorts. It maybe worth moving the sound card to another slot to see if that works

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