System is dangerously low on resources???

  towunda 21:02 26 Feb 2003

Help!!! Whilst surfin the net the other day I got this message pop up 'Your system is dangerously low on resorces'. It seems to be working OK at the moment. Any clues anyone????

  007juk 21:05 26 Feb 2003

Is your HD just about full, also worth checking your virtual memory.

Hope this helps.

  towunda 21:18 26 Feb 2003

No, its not that, loadsa space left. I recently download free version of Zone alarm and I been letting it do it's own thing. Could it be that???

  towunda 21:20 26 Feb 2003

......and how do I check it???

  sil_ver 21:32 26 Feb 2003

Do not confuse memory with resources. 'Low on resources' can be due to too many progs running in the background including Screensavers, antivirus, firewalls and desktop themes. In most versions of windows only a small amount of memory (64k I think) is allocated for resources. I'm not sure about winxp or win2000. I'm sure someone will explain in more detail or you can do a search of the web.

  towunda 21:47 26 Feb 2003 no need for me to panick to much then??

  he he :-) 22:01 26 Feb 2003


  Pesala 14:57 01 Mar 2003

There are some very nasty adverts out there designed to look like Windows dialogue boxes. I think you one you mentioned is one of them. Another common one is, "Your system is broadcasting an ISP address." Another one claims that your system could be infected by a virus. Do not be alarmed at all. It is just a wicked ruse to get you to visit their site and look at an add for a memory manager, virus scanner, or security program.

Very underhand, and very alarming to new users. I complained to Opera about advertisments for Norman Antivirus software, which appeared in the Opera banner ads. Should be a law against this. In fact, there is. If enough people complain to the Advertising Standards Authority, we might be able to stamp out some of these ads, but it might depend on the country of origin.

  sil_ver 00:18 02 Mar 2003

Your comment noted but I think in this case it's a genuine Windows warning.

  jediknight007 00:53 02 Mar 2003

What Windows version have you got? If you type msconfig in Run, then you should be able to disable certain programs from running in the background. You can easily access these again, simply by clicking on a shortcut or something. Also, if you have Windows 98 or something, right click on My Computer and go to Properties, what does it say your System Resources is?

  AndySD 00:58 02 Mar 2003

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