system crashes over and over

  penbee 21:25 23 Jan 2009

Ok i have tried looking through here and googling and microsoft and cant seem to get anything to work. Il try and keep it short but the info you need to be able to help (all fingers and toes crossed).

Got a second hand comp we want to get going as a shop in a game we play. It came with a 256mb (one stick)

we checked manual and ordered new ram. We put in new ram and got crashs. We installed one stick then the other and it worked (by this point we had reformatted the hard drive and tried to get work out if bios settings needed changing)

We (well my bf i went to sleep) got it to run with both in and showing the memory (although alot seems to be 'free' is that right) but although it can run along and not crash if we go on line to get avast or windows updates it crashes. We installed uniblue by disk and it freezes and crashes but not always a same point.

We have now run all of uniblue and uniblue seems to be happy.

Oh we flashed the bios using the online tool that came on a disk with the motherboard. the motherboard is the one we have book for (at one point we took out and put back in battery and we have tried running with jumpers set to 100 and 133)

we have got some updates from windows although we cant get others from them now. We had to activate by phone (i dont no why)

mother board - k7 triton series ga- 7vkmls
(via km266/kl266 chipset the book says)

AMD 2000+ athlon processor

new ram 2 x pc 133 SDRAMM 512mb non ecc (3.3v i am sure i checked this bit and it matched)I dont no the make of ram sry

on board graphics pro savage

on board sound

if you need more info i will give just please help

oh we where crashing to a blue screen with writing on but havent today i think the code was 0x(lots more 0 then i think 8)

sry i havent written all down but but got one error code 1073741819 lsass.exe

and runtime error windows/system32/wbem(i think cant read my writing there)/wmiprvse

also have some about memory i cant remer the wording it crashes quick on them pls pls help im sorry to be unclear on the errors i will record any new ones as well as i can. (crossing everything)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:07 23 Jan 2009

wmiprvsw.exe is the Sasser worm!

Note: The wmiprvse.exe file is located in the folder C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem. In other cases, wmiprvse.exe is a virus, spyware, trojan or worm! Check this with Security Task Manager.

Virus with same name:
W32/Sonebot-B -


click here

  penbee 22:58 23 Jan 2009

ok went and looked it is the correct file in wbem (sry i coudnt read my writing to good) have been to ask leo and run the thing at bottom to tell by run notepad\ ....hosts it didnt run said it couldnt find it manually went and looked and there and explaination and local host that all that was listed. we now have avast on need to put in key then will run full scan (uniblue spyeraser completed a scan and was clean) had more errors including more saying about memory i was wrong side of room to write down and wuauclt.exe incountered a problem message. it is sitting on and ok the wuauclt.exe happened when we tried windows update again. also perfect world this morning could not verify or start as said something was crupt and needed verifying. do we need a driver update for the ram to work?

we flashed the bios this morning with the latest one we could find i think they labelled f5 it was newest update on gigabyte site listed when u go to our motherboard. do we need to change a setting a setting so we stop getting all these errors? will let u no what avast says

  penbee 13:14 24 Jan 2009

ok gave up and went to bed last night. kept crashing when trying to open msn report directed us to download service pack 3 it crash while trying that still not managed to register avast. As there nothing to loose today im going back to step one pt the original ram in and reformat as im not sure if the crashing out stopped te reformat and windows being copied from disk may have had errors still wonder if there soething in advanced bios that needs changing for the new ram but i cant get to the advanced bios only the ami simple bios. going to start again and go slow see if it always now crashing or at what point it does. anyone with any help towards this would be great but i cant see any option but to start again at step one here goes.

  penbee 16:53 24 Jan 2009

ok with out reformatting i have put in old ram and it running ok just slow from when other ram was in i have everest report would that help anyone help me? there are no viruses have run avast full scan and uniblue. on the everest report it recognises the ram is there any ideas of if i need to change anything to make it run stably with the new ram and do u want the everest report and if so all of it or just part hoping there someone that can help

  penbee 20:21 25 Jan 2009

ok completly new copy of windows. all updated. all drivers i can find have use uniblue driver scanner. works fine with old ram or new but only one lot. Will crash out with both no errors about exes just system has recovered from a serious error. will show both sticks work a while then crash a few times and then only show one the calue of one stick in system. on one stick uniblue power suite shows cpu usage hitting 100% when i open up perfect world international. I think the grahpics are not up to the job (s3 prosavage) there is still lines all over the game and i cant seem to find any settings to make it any better. I can see no settings to change in bios (it has ami bios version 2.0) so any new ideas of what is causing each problem. Can i change any settings so I can use the whole 1 gb of ram? is the computer using all the processor (amd 2000+ 1.6 something ghz would have to check to give exact figure) am i missing some software that will make it all do its best so I can have 1 gb ram or can i not make it work? the mother board manual says it can take one gb max do i need to change voltage sent to it? if so where can i do that or change settings of anything else I can only see basic things i can change in bios and ctrl and f1 do not bring up advanced bios and some sites have suggested. We really want to work out how to get comp to run stabily and run the game we no we are probably going to need to get a grahpics card for that but if we can get other bits to work whats the point in buying a card. I hope some one reads this and can help. btw avast etc all running happy. please some one help :S

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