System crash, nothing to go on!

  Fullywired 11:14 16 Jan 2005

AsRock K8 Combo-Z, Athlon 64 3000+, 512Mb DDR400, Gainward geforce 4 Ti4200 64Mb.
i have just had my PC running for the past hour or two and i started afew downloads going, however, i was sat in another room, happily reading my copy of micro mart and i heard the sound of my monitor switching off!! when i came to look i found that the whole computer had crashed!! my only option was to restart, as a result i lost quite afew downloads but i am still unaware of the problem!! upon logging on to windows i recived the message: "The system has recovered from a serious error." i looked at the log and all i get is the following info: "Error Signature
BCCode : 100000ea BCP1 : 821398F0 BCP2 : 829E05B8 BCP3 : F8994CB4
BCP4 : 00000001 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 256_1 " to me this is usless but i hope someone here can make something of it! any help is much appriciated!! i seem to get the impression that it was a graphics card failiure because when i restarted the first time, the screen was covered in pretty colors!! (not so pretty really just irratating!!)

any ideas??



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:34 16 Jan 2005

1.There are known compatibility issues between Windows XP and versions of Easy CD Creator earlier than version 5.1. that cause this error.

2 Nvidia Graphics card drivers have also been known to cause this have you update recently? If so the roll back the driver.

  JIM 12:11 16 Jan 2005

Error info and code appear to lean towards driver problems looking at the MS Help and support.Check out your device manager there may be a clue. Also check for drivers that may not be MS Signatured.

"sound of my monitor switching off!!"

Check a few items poss you may have set for power saving as it may have just been a reaction to something set to powerdown after a period of idle activity.

Broadband /dialup connection?

May be a one off but a pain at the moment.Clear your event logs and applications logs,reboot and check them again see if anything is causing a problem during startup.

  Fullywired 12:31 16 Jan 2005

thanks guys!! Driver provider: Nvidia, Driver Date: 28/07/2003, Driver Version:, Driver Signer: Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher. i know there is an update on the windows update site but last time i downloaded it, i couldn't get the resolution above 640x480 with 4bit color!! i eventually had to revert back to the older ones!! should i get Drivers from the Gainward site or the Nvidia site?? i will restart now, but the monitor is set to switch off after 4 hours but i had been using it only 20 minutes before the crash!!



  JIM 12:41 16 Jan 2005

I run the Gainward geforce 4 Ti4400 128Mb use vers Nvidia 66.93 no problems download the standard 17MB +

Just make sure you unintall old, from add/remove programs REBOOT before you open up and install new.

I run 19"mon,at 32bit 1280x 1024 ajust windows appearance/themes/text /icons to suit.

  Fullywired 14:01 16 Jan 2005

i have just installed the 66.93 drivers from Nvidia and the system seems fine. however, i have just run 3D Mark 03 to see what i get and as soon as Game test 2 loaded the Card crashed again!! i currently have my eye on an Aopen FX5200 with VIVO. i want a new card anyway but i thought that i woud get a VIVO one so that i can put some of my VHS's on to DVD!! any other recomendations around the £70 mark?



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