System crash after overclocking attempt

  nickl9 16:40 12 Aug 2004

My son has a AMD 2800 CPU which he tried to speed up via the CMOS by increasing the multiplier and the speed. At one point he misread the FSB for the CPU and went too far. When he hit F10 the system restart never fired up the screen. He has reset the CMOS items to auto however he just gets a RAM fault message. He has swapped out the RAM with modules from another PC without any success. I think he has fried the CPU and will have to replace it. Has anyone got any other ideas or possible fixes before he stings me for a new CPU.

Thanks in anticipation

  AcidBurn7uk 16:45 12 Aug 2004

Right, this is just freaky, I have a similar problem. You said:

"He has reset the CMOS items to auto"

Did he do this by changing the the jumper setting on the motherboard. I assume this is correct since you also said:

"When he hit F10 the system restart never fired up the screen"

It could be that he has fried his memory chip!

With all the recent thunderstorms etc, make sure you use a surge protector! Surges can blow anything connected to your computer and also corrupt data.

  ThePharcyde007 16:50 12 Aug 2004

Can he boot into Bios and set system to optimised defaults?

  TomJerry 17:10 12 Aug 2004

Reset Bios setting to factory default. Check if this work. Sometime, it just setup problem.

CPU is not very easy to get fired via overclocking because some self protection method used. AMD cpu can get fired if you smell smoke, but Intel CPU is almost impossible to get fired via overclocking.

If you want to do overclocking, only make very small change eveytime and slowly push, not big jump.

  ensonricky 17:32 12 Aug 2004

I doubt if the cpu has been fried. Some motherboard/bios set ups can be rebooted using default settings by holding down the insert key during start up. Also if that fails try removing the battery from the motherboard for a couple of minutes to reset the cmos.

  nickl9 14:25 17 Aug 2004

Thanks to everyone. It was a CMOS fault rectified by resetting the jumpers. This is a great forum.

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