System Checkpoint not functioning

  TommyRed 14:10 03 Mar 2004

After a RAMdisk install all my restore points where lost. I was advised on this forum to disable system restore, re-boot and enable system restore. This worked until the next day when again it was not there, I have tried this a number of times, same result. I can create restore points manually and they will still be there next day, but I'm bound to forget to do it when it's needed. Anyone any ideas how to resolve as system restore has been really handy in the past.TIA TR

  hugh-265156 14:18 03 Mar 2004

i had the same problem TommyRed and to be honest was fooling myself that the ramdisk was faster,it wasnt,or if it was i was imagining it.

i uninstalled it again as i couldnt get system restore to work no matter what i tried.

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  Old Shep 14:20 03 Mar 2004

Go into START/CONTROL PANEL/ADMINASTRIVE TOOLS. Double click on SERVICES. Scroll down to SYSTEM RESTORE SERVICES, Check to see if it is set to Automatic (may be disabled) To change it double click on it and selec Automatic. Hope this helps.

  TommyRed 14:55 03 Mar 2004

I remember at the time everyone was raving about it, but I couldn't see any noticeable difference. I do remember someone saying it wasn't easy to uninstall, what procedure did you follow and did your system checkpoints come back? I'm getting 512kps BB in a few weeks, so thats when I'll see the difference. Checked with Mcafee speedometer the other day, my 56k dial-up was running at 36.08k or similar, so RAMdisk sounded like the man. You get what you pay for, I suppose.
Old Shep
It was set to automatic but thanks for responding.
Cheers TR

  hugh-265156 15:02 03 Mar 2004

its easy to uninstall it.first change the location of your temp files back againg in tools/internet options.

next right click the ramdisk in device manager and uninstall.

turn off system restore and turn back on wont get any restore points back that you have lost already.

  sattman 15:45 03 Mar 2004

I understand that restore can only work if the registry is stable. I wonder if the problems you are having is because RAMdisk is making changes?

  TommyRed 16:37 03 Mar 2004

Uninstalled as per your instructions, system checkpoint has appeared. Hopefully tomorrow will bring another one. Cheers TR

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