System booting (?) but nothing on screen!!!

  Sirpad 12:10 17 Nov 2005

Suddenly I am getting nothing on my screen when I boot up. I have connected the PC to a monitor that I know does work and the same thing happens so it's not the monitor. Could it just be the connection? I can't even tell if it is in fact booting properly. Have tried F8ing it as it boots but to no avail.

Am desperate as I really need the PC and taking it to get it looked at will take all day!!!!!

  Taff™ 17:46 17 Nov 2005

It sounds like your graphics card has gone. Is it built into the motherboard or a seperate card? If you`re not sure post back the make and model of the computer and we`ll have a look.

  ICF 17:49 17 Nov 2005

What kind of monitor lead are you using? Is it the same lead in each case? or are the leads hard wired into the monitors?

  Sirpad 18:14 17 Nov 2005

Thanks guys. Both leads are indeed hard-wired into the monitor. I think I'll open it and take a look. Perhaps the graphics card or video card is loose. Will get back later.

  Sirpad 09:18 18 Nov 2005

Thanks again guys....I did what I should have done before starting a thread. I opened the PC (for the first time) and what I assumed was the graphics card had in fact almost popped out. All in order now.

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