System battery voltage is low

  Laurence WM 20:57 08 Jun 2011

On booting up my Dell PC I've twice recently received the message:

'System Battery Voltage is Low. Strike F1 to continue, F2 to Run the set up utility'

I've pressed F1. What would happen, and what should I do, if I pressed F2, please? Is there any danger in continuing to press F1 every time?

I've discovered from internet research that, in the slightly longer run, the thing to do is to replace the battery. Any useful tips about this?

Thanks a lot, Laurence

  johndrew 09:50 09 Jun 2011

Sounds as if you need to replace the CMOS battery. link text

  Laurence WM 13:51 09 Jun 2011

Thanks, John.

Please can someone tell me what would happen, though, if I did press F2?

Thanks, Laurence

  chub_tor 18:52 09 Jun 2011

F2 might take you into the BIOS setup so that you could change the date and time.

  Laurence WM 14:22 13 Jun 2011

Thanks Chub Tor,

Should I do this? How would it affect the battery voltage issue?

I'm not opposed to getting a new battery, I'm just curious about the suggestion that the screen offers to me, which presumably might be helpful (and perhaps simpler and cheaper than new battery installation).

Thanks, Laurence

  ams4127 23:16 15 Jun 2011

I don't think it will do anything to the battery voltage.

As Chub_tor says it will enable you to enter BIOS and set time/date etc. At the moment your battery is so low BIOS is losing that data and wants you to reset it. Once you have replaced the battery, you will get that message one more time. Reset the data and that's it.

Before you change the battery it can be a good idea to go into BIOS and make a note of the various settings (HDDs, Graphics etc). This will enable you to see any difference after the battery change

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