System Administrator Has Disabled Control Panel

  StevieD 10:31 24 Sep 2004


I am running XP Pro and sit on a network.

I wish to change the refresh setting and background of my PC but cannot access the Display Panel. A message is displayed "The System Administrator Has Disabled the Control Panel"

However, whilst I can log on as the administrator and make the settings changes, they are not applied to my own settings when I log back on again under my own user name.

The odd thing is that my own user account is set up within the Administrators group, so I supposedly should have full and unrestricted access to both the computer and the domain. I would have thought that this would allow me to make any changes locally.

I notice however that my user account belongs to a different domain than the administrator, who is also set up as a user of my computer.

Any ideas?



  Graham ® 10:38 24 Sep 2004

Could be any changes will have to be made on the server.

  Eric10 12:20 24 Sep 2004

There are 2 types of administrator. Administrator on the local PC, which is what you are, and the Network Administrator, which apparently you are not. These restrictions have been imposed by the Network Administrator by way of policies delivered over the network when you login so this is who you need to speak to. Good luck.

  daba 00:13 25 Sep 2004

For changing the refresh rate, to suit your particular monitor, I think you have a good chance with your network administrator, although you may need to back up your request with sound technical knowledge, such as why you need it changed, and to what.

As for the back ground, I can't think of a valid reason why the network administrator should allow you to change this. On the basis that you don't see the background while you are 'working', why should they ?

Our company adopts such a policy, the Windows background is fixed, our company 'logo'.

However, I do know that some people use "Wallpaper", pictures of their kids etc. which overrides the Windows background....... sneaky !

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