Sys clock date/time changes intermittently

  Ms IS 19:46 02 Apr 2007

Sometimes when I boot my system the date and time are changed--it used to be to a date in 1869 and now it's to a more recent date, 2005.

This of course, play havoc with things like subscriptions. I change it back and it seems fine, until the next time, and it isn't every time I boot up. It can also change after the system is running.

I can't detect anything else going on and I have Norton Internet Security running as well as Webroot's SpySweeper. I also periodically run other programs like HijackThis! and Silent Runners to make sure I've thoroughly swept my system for malware, adware, spybots, etc.

Symantec disavows any knowledge. I searched the web and found nothing. I've checked the MSConfig list and there doesn't seem to be anything amiss.

I did try to synchronize the system clock today after it happened again and encountered the error, "An error occurred while Windows was synchronizing with site name>. I tried both and (Windows defaults).

Not sure if that means anything or not. At this point, it's more an annoyance than a critical issue... I hope.

Has anyone else seen this? Can anyone offer suggestions?

  anskyber 19:50 02 Apr 2007

Sounds like your CMOS battery needs replacing.

  johndrew 19:50 02 Apr 2007

This problem is generally caused by the BIOS battery going flat or not having good contacts. If you provide details of your motherboard someone here will be able to tell you exactly where it is and what to do.

  anskyber 19:52 02 Apr 2007
  Ms IS 20:11 02 Apr 2007

I have a three year old Athlon AMD 2800.

I ran my previous computer for nearly 8 years and never had a problem with the CMOS battery.

Could that really be it? Is there a way to tell? A diagnostic?

  johndrew 20:33 02 Apr 2007

Athlon AMD 2800 is your CPU the board it sits on and everything connects to is your motherboard.

Yes it could (and probably is) the battery.

You can tell by changing it.

No diagnostic as far as I know.

Suggest you use anskyber`s link.

  Ms IS 20:42 02 Apr 2007


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