Syntax SV266A motherboard - CPU query?

  CurlyWhirly 09:44 03 Jul 2005

My friend has a rather old motherboard, namely, a Syntax SV266A and what he is wondering is what speed of processor can he upgrade up to (if any)?

There is currently a 1.3 Ghz AMD Duron processor in it and he has recently upgraded his graphics card and was just looking for a bit more power from the processor WITHOUT upgrading the motherboard.

I have done a Google but can't find anything relevant to upgrade options or PC specs but I know that it is now discontinued click here

I also think that he can only upgrade to a faster Duron processor as it is a Duron mobo?

  DieSse 10:44 03 Jul 2005

Someone here running it with an Athlon XP2400 - so at least that seems to be OK

click here

This link says Athlon, Athlon XP and Duron

click here

helpful link about the board when using Athlon XP processors

click here

manual here

click here

Althought there's no "supported CPU" list - you could ask their support, on the same site as the manual.

  CurlyWhirly 10:52 03 Jul 2005

Thanks for the links.
I will pass the info on to him.

I will advise him to upgrade to the Athlon XP processor as I know this has more CPU cache than the Duron meaning better performance.
By the way he doesn't have a motherboard manual as it was already built to the PC shop specification when he bought it.

The PC shop that he bought it has since closed down mind you it was only a small outlet.

  CurlyWhirly 10:54 03 Jul 2005

p.s. on my link I didn't scroll down the page to see the reference to Athlon XP processors. Doh!

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