Synmantec2002Antivirus Update to 2003 by disk.

  dessi 19:39 29 May 2003

Hi there, is there some one who may have already done this and is able to provide me with the right information.
I am currently protected with the above 2002 soft ware and in a couple of months need to update with2003 version on disk; Do I have to first remove the 2002 version antivirus before loading the replacement, or is it alright to overite it with the 2003version. I would be greatful for the right guidance. I am very new to using PC software. thanks.

  Meshuga 20:12 29 May 2003

Hi dessi, I recently did this and was advised
by manufaturers helpline to uninstall old version first. I had no trouble with the installation
and I`m fairly new to it too. Best of luck.

  citadel 21:45 29 May 2003

Be sure to buy the upgrade version of 2003. The box has a red circle in the corner with upgade marked on it. The manual says it auto deletes the previous version.

  Giggle n' Bits 21:48 29 May 2003

don't/no need to uninstall the older version as the upgrade CD is desinged to do as it says.

Most upgrade Norton 2003 boxes have a red round label on front of box, well they do in PC World.

click here or click here

  jazzypop 21:53 29 May 2003

As above - I simply bought the upgrade version and installed it over the top of the existing (2002) installation.

No problem at all - quick and painless.

  Despicable Desperado 21:59 29 May 2003

Just for your info although the box may say upgrade it is actually a full up version - ie you do not need a previous version in order to install

  Paperback Writer 22:05 29 May 2003

I agree - I bought a version of Systemworks 2002 "Update" version and found it installed fine on my laptop which had never had any version of Norton software on it.

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