Synchronising Outlook with homail problem

  RWBCAM 17:10 29 Nov 2006

I have a email account and for many months I have been signing into Outlook 2002, entering my username and password and it has happily synchronised with my hotmail account and sent/received the emails.

But all of a sudden it is not recognising the username/password when I enter it in Outlook. But when I sign on to the hotmail website directly, the username and password works ok. Has anyone else had this problem and could offer a solution please?

  VoG II 17:41 29 Nov 2006

Possibly click here

  RWBCAM 17:18 30 Nov 2006

Thanks VoG but it all looks different in Windows 2000. I found what looked like the subkey with a string of files underneath it and I deleted it but the Outlook screen still keeps asking for the username and password, I'm afraid.

Will I have damaged anything else by removing this subkey. Should I attempt to put it back?

  VoG II 19:47 30 Nov 2006

I didn't realise that you were running Windows 2000 (you didn't say). Try click here

  RWBCAM 13:37 04 Dec 2006

Thanks v much VoG. I have followed instructutions to delete subkey and re-enter username on Control panel but when I go into Outlook the little log-on screen keeps coming back to be entered. If I do send/receive it says something like: error synchronising headers in hotmail, verify username and password are correct...but I know they are correct because they work when I go directly to hotmail on the web.

Any further thoughts please? Thanks

  boots2 15:48 04 Dec 2006

I to have a hotmail free account when I try to get it via Outlook Iget a message saying only now available to paid for Hotmail accounts.

  RWBCAM 20:35 08 Dec 2006

To Boots 2 - I have paid the £14.95 per annum so should be able to synchronise and have been doing so for over a year now but it suddenly stopped.

To VoG. I followed your instructions regarding clearing the key in the Registry: (Here is an extract: Double-click the Protected Storage System Provider key to expand the key, click the user subkey folder that is directly underneath the Protected Storage System Provider key, click Delete on the Edit menu, and then click Yes in the warning message dialog box.

The user subkey folder looks similar to the following example:


Then I re-entered the username and password, but it still didn't work. When I looked back at the Protected Storage System Provider key in the registry a new key had appeared but it was in light grey and there was no plus sign on the folder icon to the left.

Any thoughts please?????
(Very grateful for any constructive suggestion as this is driving me mad) Fortunately the username and password still work directly on the hotmail website.

  RWBCAM 22:46 11 Dec 2006

It's suddenly started working again after 3 weeks. I just don't know why that is.

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