Rabi 02:17 04 Dec 2003

Having transferred my Outlook Contacts from one PC to another, how do I keep them in synch using the same CD-Burner route? I know how to replace, or add, a duplicate contact. What if some of the contact details have changed, but same name etc, for instance just one phone number out of 5?

  smegs 02:32 04 Dec 2003

You should be using a CD-RW for that. When I update anything on cdrw, it will over wright what ever I have changed automaticly

  Rabi 15:51 04 Dec 2003

Yes, I know CD-RW's overwrite ... I am asking about synching the Outlook programmes on the PC's.
CHange a phone number of a contact on one PC with Outlook, when you next copy Outlook and transfer onto the other PC running Outlook, how do you get them to synch? How does the destination recognise that this isn't a duplicated contact, but an amended contact???

  smegs 18:39 04 Dec 2003

I would think, it will over write the duplicate file as it will have the same name. Just like when you make a word file that has the same name as one that is already on the pc, it will ask you if you want to overwrite it. But I'm not sure on that.

  accord 18:53 04 Dec 2003

what you really want is to use the CDR/RW as a briefcase between the 2 PCs. Dont know how you do that though, i cant find a briefcase on my XP home.

  Rabi 22:11 04 Dec 2003

I know there are other more effective ways & with a better interface to do it, but the briefcase tip could also work;
Could someone walk us through, step-by-step, on how to use the briefcase to synchronise Outlook between 2 PC's?:)

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