synch books from PC to sony ereader

  supacat 17:39 05 Jan 2017

Hello, I am unable to transfer my books from my computer "Reader from PC " to the sony ereader. I connect the sony ereader with the usb to my computer. On my sony ereader it tells me usb connected data transfer mode. I bought books from kobo store and was able to download them in My library on the reader for PC. If i press on info on the reader for PC I can see that my adobe id is connected and a green checkmark is there , same for my reader.

I am unable to sync the books in my library to the reader. If i go to my library, i click on the book and press copy to reader , a pop up says the item has been synched. However, if i press on reader, none of the books are there. When i disconnect my sony ereader the books have not been synched. I am going crazy! Everything seems to be right , but the books are just not synching! Any idea why ? any other way i can synch them? Thank you so much in advance!

  Burn-it 20:49 05 Jan 2017

Is there not an option in Kobo to download to the reader to read offline??

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