sync toy screwed me big time

  skeletal 17:27 11 Nov 2005

Hi all

I know there won't be an answer to this, but I'll try anyway!! I spent hours at work yesterday entering a stack of data into an Access database. Today, because I'm so paranoid about data loss, I ran sync toy to get all the data onto my home machine's older version and to continue working on it.

Much to my horror (and you will all say it's impossible...but it ain't!) sync toy over-wrote the new db with the old...all those hours gone...unless you know different.

I have checked in all the waste baskets but the new one isn't there. There is an absolute stack of stuff in there, all due to running sync toy, but not the one I need.

I just don't know what to do. It is pointless making backups if the software you use to do this sort of thing screws up! Interestingly, other files seem OK (but I have synced hundreds and so I'll only find out any problems as I start to use them). The problem only seems to affect Access.

This is its second screw up. The first was after the clocks changed. It insisted on resyncing every file, even though I KNOW I did not alter 10s of thousands of files on the Saturday night!

Any one else had any probelms with it?


  woodchip 17:31 11 Nov 2005

Best and free way is, Drag and drop to another drive

  VoG II 17:32 11 Nov 2005

No. I've been running it for several weeks now to synchronise foilders on my laprop with shared drives on a remote server.

I always have the local folder as the 'Left' and the remore one as 'Right'.

Have you been synchronising both ways, I wonder?

P.S. Synchronising is not a substitute for a backup or a drive image.

  Diemmess 17:52 11 Nov 2005

VoG™ as always has the correct experience and ideas.
Is your database huge? In my naive state I do something like Woodchip, I have always "exported" the lot to another (date related) name.

VoG™ again seems to have the probable reason for the bother, and it is oversimplifying it to say that it sounds like a confusion between 'saving and restoring'

If your database is vast then you have to use sync toy, but otherwise copy the lot by whatever means is easiest for you. At present, I'm sure that the latest data has been overwritten and will not be found.

  skeletal 17:53 11 Nov 2005

woodchip yes I know, but when you work on two computers and use 1000s of files, it would be really clever if some software could sort it all out for sync toy perhaps!!!

VoG, yes I have been running in both directions. This reminds me of another problem I have: sometimes I get error messages saying "access denied" etc etc In these cases I run sync toy from the other computer. And yes, all files and folders are set up to allow access over the network.

You raise a good point though, I wonder if it doesn't like two way syncing.

And I do have an external backup drive, but this is connected to the main computer. I use snyc toy to get both comps the same, then backup to the external drive. Do I thus get a second drive, backup the laptop, backup the main, run sync toy, then manually check the 1000s of files, then backup the main for a second time?!! Probably take longer than doing the work in the first place!

Thanks for the feedback though...I'm just preparing myself to work half the weekend getting back to where I was first thing this morning!


  skeletal 18:02 11 Nov 2005

Diemmess, the db is not big by my normal standards and until I discovered sync toy I have always done tricks like copy to a new file name. I thought sync toy to be ideal, because I update all sorts of files in a day on both computers and it is a real pain to remember what I've done where.

It looks like it may be a problem with Access (because of the different way a db updates compared to, say, a Word file) and switching the computer that does the syncing.

I think I will either abandon it, or make a copy of any Access stuff...if its a new file name it should not overwrite it.


  slowhand_1000 18:18 11 Nov 2005

On the pc that had the 'latest' copy, go to search and look for files modified within the last ?? days. I've found one or two files this way that have been lurking in temp folders.

Worth a go "any port in a storm" as they say

  skeletal 19:46 11 Nov 2005

slowhand_1000 that is a good idea...I have just looked, but as I thought, no luck! But doing this just shows the vast number of files modified in one day...not all ones I would back up...but it does go to show!

Ah well, we all know what I'll be doing this weekend then!


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