Synaptic pad can't, turn off since Win 10 update

  RISC OS user 16:55 10 Nov 2016

Since the last two Windows 10 updates I have not been able to find a way to turn off the touch pad. Before the updates I was able to do this via the control panel and tick a box and if the USB mouse was connected the pad was rendered off. If I click on synaptic click pad V1.3 in ControlPanel it get the following:- "Unable to connect to the Synaptic pointering device driver". I also see in the setting update history "Synaptics driver update for Synaptics SMBus TouchPad" failed to install 3 times! I have used the HP help site and downloaded new drives but still same problem. Can anyone help please, as when I type anything my thumb keeps touching the pad and causes many problems!!! My PC is Windows 10 64bit, HP Pavilion 15-ab500na notebook pc.

  robin_x 19:25 10 Nov 2016

Can you go to Device Manager > Mice and other pointing devices. Right-click Synaptics > Properties. Try Rollback Driver or Update Driver or just plain Uninstall it (including driver software)

You may also need to DisableDriversinWindowsUpdate

You could also see if you can find an older version of the driver on HP Support and Download or elsewhere on the web

Do you not have a small button or Function key that is supposed to toggle it on / off?

There is also a method of disabling any reinstall or change of any driver to the Touchpad (Setting Hardware ID Restriction)

See how you go.

  BT 08:23 11 Nov 2016

I had the same problem with the initial Win10 update. I could turn it off but it would come back on again and wouldn't stay switched off. This seemed to fix itself on the 2nd update, and has continued with the Anniversary update.

  RISC OS user 10:17 11 Nov 2016

Thank you both for your replies, I am still getting the following error message Synaptics - Pointing Drawing - Synaptics SMBus TouchPad - Error 0x80248007, when windows attempts to install the latest update. This morning I now do not have any actions from the Touch Pad even if I remove the USB mouse from the system, it should detect this and activate the touch pad, as it used to!!!!! I am still getting the following error message when I click on synaptic click pad V1.3 in ControlPanel, Unable to connect to the Synaptic pointering device driver. The last and the previous Windows updates really have caused trouble. I will restart my PC with the USB mouse disconnected and see if the Touch Pad is reactivated. I will post the outcome!!!!

  RISC OS user 10:27 11 Nov 2016

When I restarted my Laptop with the USB mouse disconnected there was no pointer on screen at all and only when I reconnected the mouse did the pointer appear on screen I also reversed this and the pointed disappeared. Any thoughts?

  robin_x 12:42 11 Nov 2016

As per my previous post. Although you could see if you've got any Restore Points, go back to a time when it worked, then put the restriction(s) in.

Check via Search Create a Restore Point

  robin_x 12:47 11 Nov 2016

If you do go back to a previous time, back up all drivers, MS and non-MS, via Double Driver (or do it anyway)

MS policy is still aggressive on this point. They WILL update any part of your system as they see fit.

Double Driver

  RISC OS user 16:23 11 Nov 2016

Thank you once again, I have spoken to HP technical support and they have sorted at the problem!

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