Symantic 2004 corrupts Freecell and Solitaire

  NOVICE WIZARD 14:41 11 Dec 2004

After installing NIS 2004 unable to use New Game in Freecell, Help is OK. when closing an Error warning is posted. Solitaire will run until a successful game is done then have to close and re-open to start a new game. Have tried the fixes posted on the Norton Help site.

  SURVEY 16:52 11 Dec 2004

Yes, this does happen. Happened to me using Windows 98SE. Symantec I ahe found are pretty hopeless at helping you out. Yuo are always referred to their standard responses on their website and they seem to dodge actually sending you a fix. Their usual response is - uninstall and reinstall and this can lead to problems because uninstall does not remove everything of theirs on your drive. You also know how long it can take to update the files from those supplied on your origial disk! I also have a laptop with Norton Antivirus alone (and not the full NIS product) - that is OK with freecell. NIS 2004 is OK with all of the games on Windows XP.

I shall be interested to see if anybody has comeup with a fix to this problem.

  feb 17:21 11 Dec 2004

Is this the answer, or have you been here already? click here

  NOVICE WIZARD 14:11 12 Dec 2004

Thanks for the responses. I tried the fixes, they don't work. Nice to know XP doesn't have the problem.

  SURVEY 15:31 12 Dec 2004

Novice Wizard - have you actually tried the fix highlighted by feb? This only involves uninstalling and reinstalling Games rather that NIS. Please post response whether it works or not.

  PhiltheFragger 15:55 12 Dec 2004

I came across this problem about 6 months ago.

It only effects Win 98 SE and Symantec have been more that useless at finding a fix that works.

You have 3 options
1 Live with it
2 Upgrade to XP
3 upgrade to NAV 2005

Advice, if you put NAV 2005 on your win 98 pc just make sure it has 512mb of RAM or your system will end up slower than a dead sea slug

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