Symantec's Norton Internet Security

  tristar 18:51 19 May 2004

Has anyone else had trouble renewing a subscription to this program? I tried renewing on line, and was sent a new subscription key, but my program won't recognize it! I tried their 'troubleshooter' with no luck - I was advised to contact customer services This is not easy! I 'phoned, and got a long list of websites, but no person to speak to. They quoted an email address '[email protected]'.
I tried that and got this:

Message from
Unable to deliver message to the following address(es).

[email protected]>: does not like recipient.
Remote host said: 553 5.0.0 [email protected]>... No such user here.
Giving up on

Can anyone give me a contact address for symantec, please?


  GaT7 19:15 19 May 2004

Try their online support: click here. You can send them a message (if you have to) through their system in their link. (For security reasons they may not be prepared to receive messages directly from customers.)

Or, you could try their Subscriptions services troubleshooter - click here.

Are you sure you're keying in the code correctly? Use copy & paste to do this so you can be sure to get it right. BTW, which version of NIS are you using?

  lucky1 19:20 19 May 2004

If you go to the Symantec Europe site, you will see a Subscription Troublehooter link to the right of the page. Unfortunately I can't post the URL for some reason. This Troubleshooter link apparently 'talks' you through problems.


  lucky1 19:21 19 May 2004

Troublehooter !!! read Troubleshooter

  tristar 19:27 19 May 2004

Thank you all, but I've tried 'Troubleshooter'.
after going through all the questions, it suggests I contact 'Customer Services' - which I've been unable to do!
If I lived in the USA it's fairly straightforward - but Europe, no.
Online support refers me to the troubleshooter, or to contact customer services.
Talk about a roundabout, I think I'll be a Mcafee customer fairly soon.

  Mister Splendid 19:30 19 May 2004

The easy way is to completely uninstall all your Norton software and then reinstall it again. You will then automatically recieve a new whole years subscription, remember not to register. This works for 2003 and earlier versions, not sure about 2004 version.

  lucky1 19:55 19 May 2004

Interesting to know!!

  GaT7 00:56 20 May 2004

This is the equivalent to sending an email message directly to Customer Services. click here. Select the applicable product & version. Click on 'continue'. On the next page, with 'Subscription Service' selected, click on 'continue'. You'll now be presented with a form to enter some details including a description of your problem under 'Comments:' at the bottom. Try to be as specific, articulate & detailed as you can - sometimes they badly misunderstand the key issue & give you the wrong solution, even if the issue is very simple! From personal experience they usually reply within 1-3 working days. Good luck, G

  tristar 18:52 20 May 2004

Thanks to all who answered, particularly Crossbow7.
Did as you suggested, got a reply a couple of hours later, with a revised 'key', and instructions on how to enter, and all is now OK.
Can't say I found their system 'user friendly', but I now know how to use it.

Once again, thanks!

Regards, Tristar

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