Symantec: True or false?

  Tj_El 23:21 06 Feb 2004

Yesterday I used the Symantec on-line virus and Security scan to check my system.

Virus test turned up nil which was good but imagine my surprise when the security scan told me that I was vunerable to attacks from trojans yah-di-dah-di-dah...

I was then advised to install a firewall... strange... so I guess ZoneAlarm Pro (which I use) is not doing it's job properly.... or is it Symantec just trying to get us to buy their security products...? Or am I being too cynical?


  Tj_El 23:26 06 Feb 2004

oops! I forgot to add the link to their site... just in case you wanted to try it out for yourself..

Click here:
click here

  feb 23:28 06 Feb 2004

I find it hard to believe that Symantec would say that you were vunerable to attacks from trojans as they are invited and not planted!

  User-312386 23:31 06 Feb 2004

one of your ports may be open click here to test your ports

  feb 23:41 06 Feb 2004

Sorry, you were right, I have the Norton firewall and I get the same response. The thing is, trojens can be planted as easily as cookies so cannot be stopped only removed!

  gudgulf 23:41 06 Feb 2004

Just tried your link Tj_El--Got green ticks for everything.Mind you I'd be very cross if I didn't since I have Norton internet security 2004


  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:57 06 Feb 2004

It is unlikely that any firewall would be able to stop a trojan. *cough* paranoia hype *cough*.


  Tj_El 13:34 07 Feb 2004

gasp!! GANDALF <|:-)> ....!!! Surely *cough* not *cough* *cough* paranoia! Certainly not me anyway. I was just amused that my system "failed" with such aplomb! roflol!!

  Tj_El 13:37 07 Feb 2004

Thanks madboy33©® for the link. Useful information there.

So, the answer to my question is...? Any one want to answer?

i think the answer to your question is that you are being a bit paranoid, but with just cause. sa long as your firewall and virus definitions are up to date, you should have no problems. i would suggest getting norton over zone alarm though because they have a more efficient port scanning system and also update their virus definitions more frequently. it's only 55 dollars for a year (anti virus and internet security) as well if you download it from their site as opposed to over a hundred quid in the shops.
that's nearly an answer isnt it? he he

  Megatyte 14:07 07 Feb 2004

It's as you suspect, Symantec scaremongering to sell their products. Zone Alarm is (arguably) the best firewall on the market. I use ZA pro and McAfee AV. The only security site that reports that I have a problem is Symantec.


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