Symantec Helpline address needed please

  Furkin 09:37 23 Feb 2006

Hi, i am having a problem with my 2005 Norton I.S. I am trying to get help from Symantec,,,, I know this sounds stooped, but i can’t seem to find a link to product help (I can find links to other stuff – especially how to buy products !!!) The problem might be effecting some of my B.Band also, so i need to get it sorted a,s,a,p.
Does anyone know a quick link for U.K users please ?

  Furkin 10:16 23 Feb 2006

SANTOS7: thanks mate. I put a post yesterday (Norton I.S Problem ???) but people must be a bit busy at the moment.
I can't access My E-Bay whilst this problem exists - so need to get it sorted as I am both buying & selling at the moment.
ANCHOR: another thanks. I have been on this page dozens of times (as well as the European one) This is where I can't find a suitable link. also: Sometimes when I click a link, I get "the page cannot be displayed" !

thanks for reading

  Furkin 12:36 23 Feb 2006

I have turned off both Windows & Norton Firewalls.
I am noticing that whilst I can get on to the Home page of many sites, I can't get any links within the sites to work ! They come up with "the page cannot be displayed"
I'm in the middle of a dozen things,,, that I can't get access to !
Any more ideas please ?

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