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  Ancient Learner 12:45 02 Jun 2005

I am having a spot of trouble with Ghost and DVDs, and I seem to have run out of possible reasons for it not working as I think it should. The site is not the easiest to use though, and I cannot find a link for sending an Email query.

Does anyone know where I might find one, if indeed there is such a thing.

  EARLR 13:48 02 Jun 2005
  Yoda Knight 13:56 02 Jun 2005

I would fire an email off to [email protected] and [email protected] and see if they are returned or if you get a response

  stalion 16:55 02 Jun 2005
  Ancient Learner 20:48 02 Jun 2005

EARLR. Tried that but it is for symatic which is not quite the same :))

Yoda Knight. As you have suggested, I have sent an Email to each address. However, both were returned, pronto, "[email protected]
SMTP error from remote mailer after RCPT TO:<[email protected]>:
host []: 550 5.2.1 <[email protected]>... Mailbox disabled for this recipient" whatever all that means.

stalion. I've posted a question there, perhaps it will bear fruit!

Thank you all three for your interest. For your info this is a copy of what I am asking:-

I am being driven to distraction by this problem, so help would be gratefully received.

I am trying to make an image of my 'C' drive which is too large to fit on one DVD, it needs 2. The first DVD goes fine. then it asks for the second media, put that in tray, close it and although the graphics suggest that the burning is continuing, in fact nothing happens.

I am on XP SP2, a PC that is less than a year old, with 1GB memory.

I have tried formatting the disks, but that is useless. I've erased the disks after formatting and does not improve the situation. I have altered the drive letter of the DVD drive from its normal 'Z' to 'L' to no avail.

I just don't know what else to try. Perhaps this is normal? But if it is normal, why does it ask for the second disk?

  Dae 22:12 02 Jun 2005

Symantec free email support can be reached from

click here

and clicking on

Support (from bar at top of page)
Home and Home Office/Small Business
Access free online support
Item 2. Fill in boxes one and two, then click Knowledge Base
Top support issues/other software issues
Contact tab
Free Online Support box.

  Dae 22:20 02 Jun 2005

The system did not reproduce my original punctuation and spacing. Hope what follows is better.

Support (from bar at top of page). Home and Home Office/Small Business. Access free online support. Item 2, fill in boxes one and two, then click Knowledge Base. Top support issues/other software issues. Contact tab. Fill in boxes for free online support.

  Ancient Learner 11:58 03 Jun 2005

Thank you Dae. That worked fine and I have sent off my missive OK. Why do they hide this so successfully I wonder, however I'm glad you were able to tell me.

stalion. I've had some replies,and caused some discussion, although it is not resolved,- yet!
It seems that Ghost 9 is a reincarnation of 'Drive Image' rather than an update of Ghost 2003. Ghost 2003 does what I am trying to do but not incremental updates, and Ghost 9 does the Incrementals but it is the multiple disks it has a problem with. Unfortunately, Ghost 9 and Ghost 2003 won't live together on the same PC I am understand.

I must say that I find Norton a funny thing to deal with. Their Help is anything but, and their forum is run by somebody else - weird.

  Ancient Learner 12:30 03 Jun 2005

I have received more info now and I'm going to attempt to do the following (in case anyone is following this saga) - a strange, to me, procedure - apparently to get a Ghost image onto multiple DVDs is the create the images to your HD, the same way you have been doing, but tick "Divide the backup image into smaller files to simplify archiving". You need to manually enter a figure of 4480, the Ghost figure of 4589 MB is too large. Then burn the images with Nero using the UDF/ISO setting.

I have also been directed to the forum concerning Acronis, click here and this looks like out of the frying pan into the fire, so perhaps the devil I know is better for me.

  Ancient Learner 16:14 03 Jun 2005

I did what was suggested. I tried to use the UDF/ISO DVD choice, but that wouldn't work with more than 2GB, so I chose, UDF DVD, rightly or wrongly.
So now I have 2 DVDs with my 'C' drive on them in 2 bits. How these join together I cannot think, as they were burnt as two separate items. How I use them if the worst comes to the worst I have no idea as yet. Perhaps the answer will be forthcoming form somewhere.

It is not easy all this.

  sunny staines 21:27 03 Jun 2005


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