sygate and ripe (who is- is not working)

  johnnyrocker 18:21 11 Sep 2005

just recently when i run the odd backtrace on a person scanning ports on my machine i used to be able to run who is and get feedback this now does not seem to work and infoems me i may need to update my tools or visit ripe website which gave me no help
any ideas?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:16 11 Sep 2005

People are NOT scanning your ports. These 'alerts' are merely handshakes from other computers on the net that need to know that your ports are ready to accept information that you may have requested (a web page) or just scanning to see if your are online. Using RIPE is a total waste of time and effort. Forget tracing IP addresses and spend your time more profitably.


  johnnyrocker 19:47 11 Sep 2005

has just recently stopped woring

ten from same ip evrey ten minutes for the last hour? i dont think so. and if it were not sunday i would take you to task over your atittude.


  VoG II 20:05 11 Sep 2005

Try click here

But GANDALF <|:-)> is correct - waste of time.

  johnnyrocker 23:42 11 Sep 2005

ty and he/she maybe right but it does not help. your link (after page cannot be displayed) took me to a link i did not understand. but basically all i was after why not work now as has done before, however much of a waste of time.


  canard 00:06 12 Sep 2005

Something needs reconfiguring but it's too complicated for me. click here is a better alternative anyway. I recently had a lot of port scans from China- not a spot my ISPs frequent. The next thing was processor running at 100%. PC had to be wiped and windows reinstalled. I have now disabled all UDP traffic which seems to be where whatever it was got in [av and trojan scans showed nothing].

  johnnyrocker 08:12 12 Sep 2005

thanks for that i shall investigate a bit later.


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