Sygate firewall and getting Win32 kernel warnings

  Rob6 11:05 08 Aug 2005

I have loaded Sygate firewall, after see recomendations on this forum ,and all is well except I am getting warnings that Win32 kernal application is trying to get access my PC. I have done a search on this forum and although it has been mentioned before the posts did not anwser the question I have - should I let it in or keep it out at all costs?

  Rob6 14:28 08 Aug 2005

I have done some digging elsewhere and am led to believe that it might be my broadband supplier (Blue Younder) contacting the PC. I'd ask them but they will not offer me support as I'm Windows 98SE! Anyone else with W98SE, Blue Younder and Sygate?

  ACOLYTE 16:18 08 Aug 2005

Well the best thing to do if your not sure is block access to it,then see how you go if its makes no difference to the pc all well and good,if you do have a need for it ,unblock it.

  Wak 16:24 08 Aug 2005

Hi Rob6, I have Win 98SE and Sygate but use NTL.
I have The Win 98 Kernel core component BLOCKED in Applications and everything still works OK.
If you think it could be your ISP and they won't help you then it won't matter if it is blocked.
If they won't help, don't let them in.
You could always leave it at ASK and then say NO each time??

  Rob6 16:35 08 Aug 2005

It makes sence! Thanks

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