Sygate Firewall disappears/reappears

  Skeletor 21:41 27 Nov 2003

Hi all,

A few weeks ago I installed Sygate Personal Firewall (free version downloaded from their website) as I seemed to be reading pretty regularly that Win XP Home's own firewall wasn't up to much. After the initial confusion about what I should allow access or not, everything seemed fine, until...2 days ago. While I was online I noticed that the firewall icon wasn't in the notification area (I keep all my icons visible). I clicked All programs/ response! I rebooted... the icon had reappeared and everything was fine, but later on it had disappeared again. I checked my daughters account (Limited), the problem was there also.

I have a feeling that I should uninstall/reinstall, as I assume no icon!.. no protection! But wanted to check with you guys first that I haven't missed something. All settings are default.

If nobody knows the answer to the above problem, could someone recommend a SIMPLER but just as effective free firewall.

Many thanks

  redtail 00:00 28 Nov 2003

I use sygate because i like the features that come with it but if you want a change try Zone alarm its free and well thought, of i used it for a long time before useing sygate and found it easy to use.

  porci 00:08 28 Nov 2003

I had the same issues on and off. A re-install will solve the problem, but when it happened again( ie disappeared ) I looked in the task manager and sure enough the firewall was still running. The latest version doesnt seem to do this and I have had no problems with it disappearing for the last 4 months after a re-install. I prefer it to Zone Alarm to be honest, but its a personal preference

  Skeletor 00:24 28 Nov 2003

Thanks redtail & porci,

From what you say I should try and stick with Sygate for now. I'll try uninstall/install and see how it goes. Didn't think to check the Task Manager...doh!

Thanks again

  Patr100 00:37 28 Nov 2003

I had the same problem and posted it here a few months ago.
click here
Not too often thankfully. There is a new version which recently came out which might help to check you have, so far has been OK.

  Skeletor 01:09 28 Nov 2003

Thanks Patr 100,

Looks like it's exactly the same problem. I do have the latest free version (5.5). Only downloaded it a couple of weeks ago. just checked their website again to be sure. Seems uninstall/reinstall might just resolve it.

Thanks again for your help

  Jester2K II 07:38 28 Nov 2003

I've had 5.5 and never had this problem.....

However i'm off to see a client today to see if we can solve this problem for him!! Good (in a way) to see its not just him...

  User-312386 08:31 28 Nov 2003

yes the latest version (5.5) has seemed to resolved the "quirk" in the Sygate firewall

  Jester2K II 14:08 28 Nov 2003

Well it did for me. Unfortunately in my clients case a duff System Restore has messed up Sygate.

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