Sygate Firewall

  [email protected]@m 15:58 26 Dec 2003

I am using the free version of Sygate. I do not wish to register as this may increase the flow of Emails!

Can I disable the 'Register' panel that comes up after every boot?

  Lozzy 16:02 26 Dec 2003

nope!!! Its there so people who spend time and effort writting software like this get something for there time..

  Big Elf 16:03 26 Dec 2003

Use a hotmail address:0)

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 16:06 26 Dec 2003

Used this for a while but cant remembr it ever askin me to register,got rid cos the .dll handleing was crap.


  [email protected]@m 16:07 26 Dec 2003

That's lateral thinking! What's the format for hotmail?

  Big Elf 16:12 26 Dec 2003

Go to click here and sign up. You have to get the MS passport (I think) which can be pain.

I have a few 'disposable' hotmail accounts so when I sign up to something I don't get bombarded with offers (Executive Software please note) in my regular account.

  [email protected]@m 16:17 26 Dec 2003

Thanks, I'll give it a go. Could I make one up? [email protected] com?

  [email protected]@m 16:25 26 Dec 2003

I've registered! Didn't need to sign up, it took [email protected]!

  The Spires 16:46 26 Dec 2003

I feel very sorry for [email protected]

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