[DELETED] 23:28 24 Aug 2003

Hello out there, can anyone explain to me why this message keeps popping up with my Norton personal firewall?

It says that sychos.exe is trying to access the internet, is this a virus or a program (A virus is a program a suppose? )

I'd appreciate if anyone can help...

Kindest regards


  [DELETED] 23:46 24 Aug 2003

Did you mean

svchost - svchost.exe - Process Information
Process File: svchost or svchost.exe
Process Name: Service Host Process
Description: The Service Host Process is generic host process for services that are run from dynamic-link libraries (DLLs)
Common Errors: N/A
System Process: Yes
if so its nothing to worry about, A google search for sychos.exe returns nothing.

  [DELETED] 01:05 25 Aug 2003

or did you mean svhost.exe This is a virus. If you enter it into google you'll find lots of links

  powerless 01:08 25 Aug 2003

If Bill Gates does not know, then who does?

  hugh-265156 01:15 25 Aug 2003

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