Syatem Idle Porcess

  Swampy 05:30 01 Feb 2006

Hi all,

Sometimes my hard drive is working overtime when I haven't asked it to do anything. According to Task Manager it's a System Idle Process and it's using most of my CPU. I run XP Home with all the updates.
Anyone any idea what it's actually doing and why?

Thanks for any replies.

  De Marcus™ 07:22 01 Feb 2006

System idle process is essentially doing it's job, when the system is idle xp will utilise the cpu to carry out system cleansing, file reorganisation, memory cleaning etc. Thats basically why it uses up some cpu power.

  De Marcus™ 07:23 01 Feb 2006

Or in other words its perfectly normal.

  gudgulf 08:43 01 Feb 2006

Hard drive activity can be caused by System Restore.....which makes its backups during periods of low pc use.

The Indexing service can likewise cause periods of disc activity as can a number of other services/programs.

If at such times only system idle process is using large amounts of cpu power then as De Marcus™ says.....all perfectly normal.

  Swampy 15:40 01 Feb 2006

Thanks Chaps. As long as it's normal and not something I should investigate further, that's fine. Thanks again.

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