swopping game discs

  Kate B 15:59 27 Jun 2005

In the dim and distant reaches of my memory I seem to recall that there is a software solution to taking game discs in and out of the drive ... can anyone remind me of it, please?

  mattyc_92 16:19 27 Jun 2005

Sorry but I don't understand what you mean... Could you explain abit?

  De Marcus 16:24 27 Jun 2005

a virtual drive?

  Pooke 16:26 27 Jun 2005

YEP thats what the lady is after. It's so that when you load a game it doesn't ask for the disk to verify that you have the original.

Wouldn't mind knowing myself.

  De Marcus 16:28 27 Jun 2005
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:34 27 Jun 2005

You could make a "virtual cd drive" on the hard disc.

Had a couple of cover discs with this type of software on but was never able to get it to work sucessfully.
Free version click here

  Kate B 17:38 27 Jun 2005

Ahh, knew you guys would know what I was talking about! Thanks very much ...

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