swopping drives

  tonyt1151 20:03 03 Mar 2008

I have recently installed a second HDD onto which I have stored my photos and nothing else.This is shown as local disk d It is 80gb with only 1.65 used. The other HDD (disk c 40GB with 25 used) has EVERYTHING else on it.All programs, OS (XP Home SP2)and all other files and folders etc. All is operating perfectly ok at present. Is it worth me changing things around so photos are on smaller disk with everything else on bigger one? If so what is the way to do it?

  woodchip 20:25 03 Mar 2008

No it's better to have OS on the small one. But if you have CD's for installing the Programs, you would be better to unstall them on the C:\ then reinstall choosing Custom install and load them to the new drive

  tonyt1151 20:28 03 Mar 2008

Thanks woodchip. What about other things eg programs downloaded from Internet

  belfman 20:30 03 Mar 2008

That's a fruitless excercise - I'd leave things the way they are tonyt1151.

  tonyt1151 20:33 03 Mar 2008

OK. Thought I'd ask before doing it. Will leave things as they are

  woodchip 20:34 03 Mar 2008

The less you have on C: the less errors you should have, also running Anti-Virus just on C: will be lots faster

  belfman 20:43 03 Mar 2008

woodchip installing programs to another drive still needs stuff on the primary hard drive and can be messy.

One thing you could do is move the pagefile to the second hard drive - see click here for instructions.

  woodchip 20:49 03 Mar 2008

I know what it does as I run 98se and XP Home Dual Boot on two drives both Fat32 and both drives Partitioned. I can also run Program loaded on 98se from the XP drive operating system just by finding exe file on the 98se drive. It is better as I said above, done it for many years

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