Switching from Wired to WiFi gets me disconencted

  dpapadop41 17:57 30 Dec 2011

Hello all,

I am using a laptop in our small office, which has both a wired and a WiFi network (same network via an access point).

Most of the times I am connected to the wired, but never disable the WiFI. When I unplug the cable, in order to move around, I will like to know if it possible to maintain the connection to the network. I normally have a couple of applications that connect to a database open and when I unplug the cable, they crash and I have to re-open them again.

Is this meant to happen or there is way around it?

Thank You

  T0SH 20:40 30 Dec 2011

On some laptops there is an adaptor properties setting with an option to disable wireless, while ethernet/wired is connected, I have seen this on various brands

Could be worth a bit of investigating

Cheers HC

  mgmcc 22:47 30 Dec 2011

If you're connected by ethernet cable and disconnect this, there probably will be a momentary loss of network access until the wireless connection takes over. This could be sufficient for any applications dependent on the network to crash.

I think the simple answer is that you shouldn't change the mode of network access with these applications still running. Doing so might even result in lost data.

  dpapadop41 11:08 02 Jan 2012

Thank you for your replies. I thought it was worth asking as I have noticed MS-Office documents opened from a network shared location appear to remain open without crashing for the brief time it takes for the WiFi to kick in, the database drive applications on the other hand crash. Probably they don’t tolerate network outages of any kind so I have little chance to find a way to keep them open without crashing while network switches from wired to WiFi. Daniel

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