switching usb ports off when comp shuts down

  pharte 21:56 23 Feb 2006

Is there a setting somewhere that will turn the power off the usb ports when the computer gets switched off ?.

  remind 22:01 23 Feb 2006

PSU switch at the back of your PC, or at the wall?

  pharte 22:24 23 Feb 2006

ok ok........I meant on the settings in the comp itself......without having to get on my knees to pull the thing out to get to the switch.

  Pamy 22:33 23 Feb 2006

when you turn your computer off by pressing the ON/OFF button on the front of your computer there will be no power to the USB port(s)

  remind 22:34 23 Feb 2006

Not being sarcastic - the motherboard is always powered up if the PSU/wall switch is on, otherwise the momentary switch on the front won't turn the computer on.

  skidzy 22:38 23 Feb 2006


Forgive me for asking,why would you want the usb ports switched off when you turn the system off ?

  Pamy 22:42 23 Feb 2006

Sorry I am wrong, just tried it power still on

  pharte 22:43 23 Feb 2006

I have a skype usb phone adaptor plugged into a usb port with two red led's on to show power etc.....these stay lit when the comp is turned off as the usb is still supplying power although it won't actually work unless the comp is switched on.

  007al 22:47 23 Feb 2006
  Pamy 22:58 23 Feb 2006

I have just tried two other USP sockets and when I shut down the power is OFF.

  Pamy 22:58 23 Feb 2006

USB that is

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