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I have a laptop and desktop computer which are close to each other on a desk and need to be able to connect my scanner to each. Has anyone come accross a USB switch similar to the data switch that I use for my printers that can switch the scanner from one computer to the other. I really dont want to continue grovelling at the back of my desktop to disconect the usb cable each time I need to change from one machine to the other.Anyone out there with the knowledge of the kind of thing. Thanks.

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  [DELETED] 08:26 30 Aug 2003

belkin make one that controls up to four pcs, allowing them to "share" a usb device by switching between them.

i actually have a spare one.

if you combine it with a matching usb hub you can "share" up to four devices between four pcs.

i have one of these as well.

e-mail me if you want more details or look on belkin site for "usb switch".


  [DELETED] 17:30 05 Sep 2003

Thanks for that info and sorry for the delay in replying. I have been away from home for a week swanning around Cornwall. The Belkin gizmo looks to be just what I need.

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