Switching PCs - Outlook folders question

  davehyde 00:05 23 Jan 2003
  davehyde 00:05 23 Jan 2003

Just in the process of changing PCs.

I want to re-create all my old folders in the new Outlook. Not too bothered about the contents, so how do I go about it?

Also how do you export mail rules?


  DieSse 00:10 23 Jan 2003

If you copy across your .pst file(s), then Outlook on the new system will contain EVERYTHING that Outlook on the old system had.

  davehyde 00:12 23 Jan 2003

I'll try this tomoprrow thanks! (too knacked tonight - been on the new PC for HOURS!!!)



  davehyde 00:17 24 Jan 2003

I've found the .pst file on my old PC, but I can't find a corresponding place for it on the new (the files/folders don's seem to match up in XP - so much for backward compatibility..)

Also can't find .dbx files on XP...


  DieSse 01:10 24 Jan 2003

If you've installed Outlook on the new PC - you simply do a search for .pst files on it too - then copy your old file into the same location. Then you can open it when in Outlook.

.dbx files are not for Outlook - they're for Outlook Express.

  mimram 08:28 24 Jan 2003


Alternatively, you can delete the .pst files created from the new installation of Outlook and then copy your existing .pst files whereever you want on your new machine.

When you start Outlook it will give you a message that it cannot find the .pst file and ask you to browse to their location.


  davehyde 18:22 24 Jan 2003

Problem is that at the mo I am using Outlook Express (can't find the disc with the Office 2000 software and thus Outlook "proper" on)

Is there any way of migrating the folders, message rules etc from OE Old PC to OE New PC?


  davehyde 10:51 25 Jan 2003

Just in case someone might know the answer

"Is there any way of migrating the folders, message rules etc from OE Old PC to OE New PC?"



(it's driving me nuts!)

  jazzypop 12:40 25 Jan 2003

In both Outlook, and Outlook Express, there is a File Export and a File Import facility.

Simply use the File Export on your old PC, and File Import on your new PC.

No need to go nuts :)

P.S. The Help file in both programs are quite good :)

  davehyde 19:04 25 Jan 2003

Only seems to offer Address Book (I've done this) and Messages - can't see any folders settings or Message Rules...


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