'Switching off' old ISP

  exdragon 09:59 21 May 2010

Hi - I moved from BT to o2 a couple of years ago but have just found, via mail2web, that there are about 300 emails sitting on the BT server. (I did contact the majority of the senders at the time of the switch, but obviously to no avail).

Is this usual, or should cancelling my account with BT put a stop on the server?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:18 21 May 2010

Some ISPs close your account almost immediately others do nothing and so e-mails just pile up.

Enjoy sorting through :0) however most of them are probably spam.

  palinka 10:38 21 May 2010

Fruit Bat /\0/\ is right. Paid-for accounts are often closed more or less immediately, but if your previous account was a "pay as you go" it will exist for ever. (If someone knows a way of getting rid of such things I'd welcome the information) And as he says you will find most of the 300 are spam.
But there is another factor at work here: you say you told people about your change of address; experience shows that some of them will not have taken note of your information; some will have entered the new address into their contacts/address book; but a LOT will have left your previous address in their contacts/address book (quite a lot of them won't know HOW to delete a defunct address) and will use both, randomly. My advice would be to check if any of the people using the old addres are people you want to hear from and then send those people instructions on how to delete your old address.

  exdragon 10:49 21 May 2010

It was a paid for account, and had only a couple of spams, which I thought was pretty good. It did however, include New Year and Easter cards from someone who regularly uses my current account.

The rest are, as you suggest, palinka, mainly sites where I've logged on for further information. I guess I'll just keep checking and deleting.

  peugeot man 11:53 21 May 2010

I left BT and joined Sky 2 years ago, my @BT Email accounts are still in daily use, I use Outlook and have set it up to retrieve BT as well as Sky Emails.

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