switching mouse for lefthand use

  [DELETED] 21:44 15 Aug 2003

I used to be able to switch the mouse over to lefthand and back by just clicking/unclicking in a box. Since I reinstalled Windows xp pro and microsoft mouse, I have to change each button separately. This is a problem as my wife and I frequently use the computer and have to keep switching. Anyone know where I can get the other program?

  [DELETED] 06:53 16 Aug 2003

I don't use XP but I suspect that if you set up your PC for two users it may remember your different preferences for the mouse. Certainly worth a try. Also lots of other good reasons to have separate settings. You can change menus as you like, and your wife will still see the menus she is used to.

  [DELETED] 09:38 16 Aug 2003

On XP if I go to the control panel and the mouse option then I get the setting "switch primary and secondary button" which would do what I think you want.

You could always teach teh wife (or yourself?) to use the mouse properly ;) (and yes I am left handed!)

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