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Switching Microsoft Account from Administrator

  RegScriv 16:26 29 Nov 2015

I've made a mess of my Microsoft Account. I have 2 accounts, one with my straight name & another with my name plus a number. The administrator is the one with the name+number but I always use the straight name, which has "user" status. I've registered with Microsoft that I want to delete the administrator/name+number account, which they indicate will come into effect in a month or so, but cannot get the straight user account to administrator status. Can anyone help please?

  RegScriv 18:08 29 Nov 2015

Thanks rdave13. What's caused this latest issue is the November Update since which my PC is getting confused between my 2 accounts. What I want to do is re-name my name+number account to just my name account. I think firstly I would have to delete my name account before it would let me re-name my name+number account. What do you think? If I log into my name account, which I don't use, it's a mess. I can't even get the keyboard to the UK setting.

  RegScriv 21:48 29 Nov 2015

Ok, what's the best way to create a new local administrator account?

  RegScriv 21:53 29 Nov 2015

I'm using my name only account Outlook mail within my name+number ms account. If I delete my name only account (after creating the local administrator account), would I lose that name only email account?

  RegScriv 16:01 30 Nov 2015

Yes, sorry, I'm struggling. There is now only one account on my PC; the Microsoft name+number account. I did go through the process of cancelling this account but MS indicate it waits 2 months before fully cancelling it, it will not be removed until 28/1/2016. I have to access my email account, name only, via the Internet. I cannot raise another MS account with name only because the "domain already exists" - my name only email account. I want to raise a MS account of name only & remove the MS account of name+number. It looks like I have to delete my name only email account to do it.

  RegScriv 11:28 01 Dec 2015

Ok, thanks rdave13.

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