Switching-off on-board graphics. Which setting?

  jonmac 20:21 28 Nov 2003

I'm about to install an AGP graphics card to replace the on-board graphics, however in the BIOS I'm presented with two options for graphics, either "PCI" or "On-board AGP". Which one would be the present on-board graphics option and which the appropriate setting when I go to add the new card. The more I think about it the less sure I am and whichever one is set, there's still a picture on the monitor so I can't tell that way.
Oh, and could you run through the procedure please. I think I know it but....
I have XP Pro.

  ahales42 20:33 28 Nov 2003

it`s on board agp.

  ahales42 20:33 28 Nov 2003

sorry. disable pci gfx

  jonmac 20:55 28 Nov 2003

Could you clarify that a little. The setting to use the new AGP card would be what?
Before I start I presume I would need to reset to standard VGA?

  Quiller. 21:55 28 Nov 2003

I would right click the desktop, pick settings, advanced, adaptor and then properties. I would then pick the driver tab and pick uninstal. If this not available there for on board graphics do the same through device manager and display adaptors. I would then reboot the machine.

I would then enter the bios as it boots and look for a setting to disable on-board graphics. The message you are getting with "I'm presented with two options for graphics, either "PCI" or "On-board AGP"." refers to what device do you wish to boot from the bios with. This is nothing to do with disabling the on-board graphics. Look for a sub heading of " disable on-board graphics".

If you have the motherboard book then it should tell you in there. You basically have one of four ways the the board will allow you to do it.

1) disable in the bios

2)by jumper on the motherboard

3)by just inserting a graphics card, the motherboard will automatically disable the on-board graphics chip

4)not a way really but some boards will not allow you to upgrade the graphics, if it has an AGP slot on the board, you should be alright.

Hope this aids you further

regards bsod

  jonmac 22:44 28 Nov 2003

Thanks bsod, that's a very comprehensive answer. I'll try it in the morning.
Thanks again

  slabber 01:33 05 Dec 2003

I am also having difficulty disabling my on-board graphics. I have successfully installed a new PCI graphics card (GeForce 5200), but can't seem to stop WinME finding my on-board card (ATI 128 Rage). Have removed it from Contol Panel (Device Manager) but on start up, the on-board card returns - although there are no conflicts and the GeForce card seems to be the one being used by windows and performs well. My Motherboard is a MICROSTAR ZX (PIII 600Mhz) and the BIOS is an Award BIOS. There is no AGP slot, which is why I have to use a PCI card - but I fear that as device manger is showing 2 display adapters, I may still be wasting valuable resources (which defeats the object somewhat, of installing a separte card! Also both seem to indicate they are being used in all profiles (device manager).

Would appreciate some clues - Thanks:-)

  Quiller. 21:25 05 Dec 2003

Unfortunately you are not going to get a lot of replies by putting you question on to the end of a resolved thread.

Start a new thread and you will probably find a lot of willing help. You say you have a microstar ZX motherboard. Are you sure and also do you have the model or motherboard manual. This will help a lot.

If you have no further info about the board, then load aida32 from click here

Pick the middle one and run the prog.

Best of luck.

  slabber 22:24 09 Dec 2003

Thanks for your help. New to this, but understand how to use this forum now.


Sorted the graphics issue - removed a jumper off the M/Board.

Merry X-Mas


  Quiller. 23:21 09 Dec 2003

Excellent stuff M8.

and a Merry Xmas to you.:)

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