Switching back to wireless using Windows - how?

  tammer 20:59 19 Apr 2006

My laptop with built in wifi has intel pro set wireless on it which I use to connect wirelessly to my Netgear router. I have XP Home.

The connection isn't great (when gaming online particularly)so I was curious to try and switch back to wireless using windows xp built in wireless capability to see if it's any better.

How do I do this as it isn't immediately obvious looking up under "network connections"?

In any case, is it worthwhile trying this?

  Danoh 21:46 19 Apr 2006

Its not clear what wireless client software you are running on your laptop, which you would like to change for Windows XP's bundled Zero Config wireless functionality.

Whichever it is, remove via Add/Remove Programs.
Then right mouse click on "Wireless Networks" in "Network Connections", and choose properties.
Then add a "Preferred Network", using the settings for your WiFi network;
SSID, WPA/WEP encryption, Passphrase, etc.

However, there will probably not be a noticeable performance gain for your Online Gaming.
Data traffic latency rather then bandwidth/signal strength is more important for gaming (& VoIP).
The less layers there are, the better.
But that would mean stripping off WPA/WEP security, removing software firewalls such as Norton, McAfee, ZoneAlarm, etc.
Which you probably don't want to do for your laptop.

Gaming platforms are often connected via an Ethernet cable, as well as placed in a DMZ ("De Militarised Zone") to bypass the router's hardware firewall, to remove as many causes of increased data latency.

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